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Meisam Kalantari
Meisam Kalantari Industrial Designer

Hej! My name is Meisam Kalantari, a multidisciplinary designer, driven by discovering smart solutions, caring about sustainability, passionate about architecture, design, story telling in photography, sketching, illustrations, and all forms of experimental innovations. I'm currently based in Täby, Sweden. you can download my CV from ​here>> 

In my dictionary, the word "Design" is defined as a never-ending-challenge; design is about a constant improvement process; begins with a rough simple sketch on a piece of a newspaper or a napkin, converts to a photo-realistic 3D CAD concept at some point, then lots of testing and revisions, and it is not done yet with a nice detailed prototype!!

What about the product life cycle? recycling considerations? user experience? the impacts on the planet? the impact on the people?

I believe designer is the responsible for all sustainability issues, the consequences and subsequences, the aftermath, psychological and social effects and all behavioral aspects of using the product, the responsible for the Earth and the human being!

Good design, always empathizes.

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